The first thing that came to mind when I thought of polish was dusting. Polishing is what you do to the silver. I guess you could polish the floors but we had tile so I wouldn’t use that word.
Each of us had chores that we didn’t really like. Dusting was mine. My Dad had a wooden elephant that we kidded that was going to be passed down to my brother so he could dust it. It wouldn’t have gone with his decor so it went to Goodwill.
My Mom didn’t like vacuuming the stairs so I generally did that. Of course I have mentioned here many times that Janet did not do toilets. My Mom preferred this kind that is granular but you had to pull it a certain way to get the lid off so I had to do that. After a while they didn’t even sell it anymore and I was thrilled!
When I went to sit on my balcony for the first time I noticed that the windows were filthy so I got out the glass cleaner and wiped them. We had two big bay windows…one in the living room and one in dining room so I would go outside and clean them and Janet would do the inside. Occasionally we would put our noses up to the glass. It was ok because we were going to clean it anyway.
We didn’t really do spring cleaning but when my Dad put the screens on and then switched to the storms we had to wipe down the window sills. I always wondered how they got so dirty in the mean time? Eventually he replaced the windows so he didn’t have to change the screens.
Living in an apartment there is a spot for everything. I went to a women’s luncheon on Monday and one of the women was admiring the tea cups and she said I can’t remember the last time I even got mine out we just use mugs. She mentioned how they used to be given as bridal shower gifts. My Mom told me that. I did feel bad giving them away because there were memories attached but I knew I wouldn’t use them nor did I have the room.
Nowadays my friends and I go out to dinner. Someone else cooks and no dishes to wash.


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