Celebrate the little accomplishments

When I was looking after my Dad my big triumph might be that I got the weeds pulled in the front yard or I made it to the library to check my email. When I was looking after my Mom it would be that I ate 3 square meals a day.
I think of friends that have kids and their big accomplishment would be if the Landry basket is empty. For my one friend she considered it an accomplishment if her daughter made it through the day in the same outfit she started out it. When she was little she would spill something on her clothes so half way through the day she had to change.
I remember a friend was working through a book for a group that she belonged to and one of the chapters had them write a list of accomplishments for the year. When I started I couldn’t think of much but she said they didn’t have to be big things. So one was growing out my hair. I had short hair all my life and my parents didn’t like the longer hair so I had to go against their wishes and do it anyway. My Mom grew to like it…no pun intended. She even told me going out for coffee because socializing when you are grieving is an effort.
I’m not superwoman even though some friends have told me I am. I have accomplished a lot on my own. I don’t consider it a triumph over adversity but doing the best I can.

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