The mute button

My grandparents used to listen to baseball on the radio. Before the Bluejays came into existence they were Tiger fans. My grandfather didn’t like the television announcers Tony Kebek was one of them and he thought he talked too much. They loved Jerry Howarth and Tom Cheek so they would mute the tv and listen to it on the radio. The dynamic is key. Buck and Dan were awesome. Dan used to tease Buck about his glory days.

Both my grandfather and my Mom kept score. It wasn’t technical like the real way you keep score. And when she had to go and take her evening medicine at 8pm she would throw the book at me and tell me to take over. Oh and chances are if one of us had to go to thr bathroom it was a sure bet someone would hit a home run!

My Dad grew to like watching baseball but he was like my grandpa and thought the announcers talked too much so they watched it with the sound off. He wouldn’t let Mom have the radio on because the timing wasn’t right. My brother thought it was crazy but you get used to it.

In my Moms eulogy I mentioned how she and Dad would yell at the screen when they got really involved in the game. Come on Ump that wasn’t a strike! My sister-in-law couldn’t believe it.

The picture I have included is of a game I went to almost 9yrs ago Toronto vs NY. Roy Halladay was pitching. He was one strike away from the win and the last guy fouled off 15 pitches. There is something about the sound of a full stadium. Booing a certain player, screams when someone hits a home run.


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