Tapering off

A couple of years ago I made the resolution that I would blog everyday. When Moms health declined it was something I could do since I was pretty well housebound with her. There was certainly a sense of accomplishment in meeting my goal. I was asked by a couple of friends recently if I’m still blogging everyday and I replied that I’m not. Some days I’m just too busy but some days I just don’t have as much to say. I haven’t been to a writing class since the fall. It’s good inspiration. There is a blogging class in August which should be fun. A chance to meet fellow bloggers.

My superintendent passed my former house recently and mentioned that the neighbours house was for sale. I have only been by the house a couple of times since it’s been sold. While I love my new home that was my home for forty years. I know that eventually I will be able to go past it but I also know I don’t NEED to.

When I go to the Dr for about a month after I eat really well and exercise and then while it doesn’t taper off the motivation kind of does. It’s not a diet but a lifestyle. But there are days where I miss the foods that I can no longer have. Growing up we lived on iced tea in the summer. But I’ve learned to like the unsweetened kind. I just add my own.

Some things don’t taper off…love, support and friends

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