Creating memories

I grew up with a grandma that made quilts, crocheted afghans and made most of our clothes and some of Moms dresses too. She made her own wedding dress. She could also cook and taught us how to make cookies and pies.
My sister caught on to crocheting and she made many afghans as gifts. I used to think I wasn’t that gifted in this department but I was the one in our family that took pictures at family gatherings. I started scrap booking. Janet said that was a talent. I look back now and realize I was capturing that moment in time, a memory.
When Janet died I had a roll of film that I needed to take in. It’s hard to describe what it was like looking at her eating ribs and seeing her smiling face. I have the video from my parents 25th wedding anniversary and many of the people are no longer with us.
My birthday is coming up soon and I don’t feel like doing much. Last year was a very full year with moving, selling house, going to conference and having celebration of life in September. I created a new home. I created memories with friends in September and at Christmas. A couple friends that I usually spend the day with are crazy busy at the moment. We will probably do something in July. I know that I will have a day that is just right for me.


2 thoughts on “Creating memories

  1. What a wonderful gift you’ve given yourself and your family! I loved reading it, and pray you’ll have a day in July that’s “just right” for you. And that creates more memories. The before and after of loss is so important–a time to be tender and reflective. Which can last a lifetime and bring many unexpected rewards. Blessings of peace and hope!

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