A name

Growing up my Mom didn’t like my name shortened. She told me I gave you that name and I want the full thing used. My brother shortened his but my Aunts were very formal so they always used the full thing even when he was young. My minister shortened it because most people he knew went by Jenn but for me it’s a sign of respect so I told him to use the full thing.
When I went to the Twinless twins conference for the first time a fellow newbie called me Jenn. Because I was on chat many people started calling me Jenn there too so it stuck. I would tell people that I would answer to either or. It was special because my twin was the only one that called me that.
Now pretty well everyone calls me by the short form. If I use the word for today I guess I kind of blossomed into it. I have a couple of friends that call me sis. The ones that are like family. My twin was my bud. That’s what we called each other. We were each other’s best friend. While I have friends that I love the bond that I have with my twin is special.


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