In the fridge

Right now I have 4 bottles of salad dressing in the fridge. Ranch, coleslaw, lemon poppy seed (which goes great with spinach) and sun dried tomato. Lemon poppy seed was one Mom picked up to go with a prepared salad and she liked it so much she bought a bottle the following week. It’s funny that a couple of weeks I had all these condiments but no food to put it on. I also have the usual stuff that most people have ketchup and mustard.
In the summertime I will buy a bottle of hazelnut or Irish cream creamer. It’s my afternoon treat and iced coffee.
I love watching cooking shows but they often have ingredients that I would never use. Buying a bottle or jar for a tablespoon or something for a recipe wouldn’t be worth it. Many recipes include wine or beer neither of which I drink. My Uncle had Janet try beer once and she said “yuck, people drink that?” We also lived close enough to a brewery that we could smell it in the summer. I should say my sister liked champagne…it was all about the bubbles.
When I moved I had groceries delivered twice because I realized that I didn’t have spices, flour etc. My Mom had a full spice rack, poultry seasoning, sage, oregano, Italian seasoning, nutmeg, cloves etc. I just buy the ones that I actually use so I only have about 6 jars. There is one cupboard that I use as my pantry.
What’s in your fridge?


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