A memory came up on my Facebook page today. It was such a Happy memory at the time but brings with it a tinge of sadness now. Doing the right thing for myself isn’t always easy.
I was going to title this post making a commitment to myself. I have found in life that making a commitment to something that I didn’t want to do means I’m probably not going to give 100%.
Taking care of myself in mind and body. Avoiding stress as much as possible. I learned to live with stress for a long time because I didn’t have a choice but it took a toll. This year I made a commitment to eating healthier. Taking better care of myself.
It also means that I have to surround myself with people who will build me up. Not in the sense of tooting my own horn but accepting me for me. Wednesday afternoon I sat on the balcony and enjoyed a hazelnut coffee and a chocolate cupcake while reading the paper. I have amazing friends but there are days when putting on a smile when I feel sad is an effort. I’m still going to “celebrate” it will just be later. And that’s ok.

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