Eating together

Last night a friend and I were talking about that family time of sitting around the table for dinner. We both treasured it. She and her husband sit at the dining table to eat but I don’t think they talk about their day.
I realized that I was blessed to grow up where food was about showing ones love to someone. When we went to our grandparents for lunch we would have mac and cheese. She would always have oatmeal cookies on hand. Sometimes my Dad would request his favourite meal. We had pancakes for Sunday breakfast. We would accompany Dad to his gardening club and then he would have hot chocolate and a donut after.
When my Mom went into the hospital I would eat off a TV tray in the living room. Which wasn’t allowed growing up unless you were sick. But eating at the table was hard because I was so used to eating with Mom. I missed talking to her. And at the time I didn’t value the process of cooking it was just food that I had to eat.
I was watching Cityline last night. They were having a special for Canada’s 150 celebration. They were showcasing the foods from different regions. At the end she was talking about sharing food with others, not eating alone. It was something that was brought up when I went to the nutrition talk at my church. I love going out to dinner with friends but timewise it’s not always possible. It’s fine for people to say it but it’s just not realistic.
Treasure those times sitting around the table. Get out the fancy dishes more often. Some day they will be memories that you will look back on fondly.

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