It’s interesting how all the local businesses just have one name. Turner’s, Tuckey’s, Landon. My brother was replacing the door knob for the side door but he was missing something so we said “oh Tuckey’s will have it”. His girlfriend at the time asked “what’s Tuckey’s?” Nobody calls it Home Hardware.
It also makes me realize how people seem to stay in their neighbourhood. The only time Mom and I ever went to the north end was when she had to pick up prescriptions at the hospital. The first time I went to Byron library I wasn’t really familiar with the neighbourhood. My Dr office is way out in the east end because that’s where my Mom used to live and she kept the same Dr.
I grew up living 5 minutes away from the public school and high school. I could walk to the bank, library, grocery store and coffee shop. Growing up in the same neighbourhood the business people knew you. Often when we walked to Wortley Village people would pass us and say hello. We didn’t know them but it was just a friendly neighbourhood. Although now I often pass people walking their dogs and they say hello.
I never would have thought I would live downtown but I really like it. Oh sure I avoid Dundas and Richmond as much as possible. When I walk to the market I walk down Ridout. There is a new Italian restaurant going up near me so I definitely want to check it out. A lot of turn around with restaurants. Williams has become my local coffee shop.
There was a food festival on the weekend. I didn’t get to it because it was raining..again or more like still. I love going to the festivals in the summer. There are a lot of events happening this weeks for Canada Day. It’s our one hundred and fifty anniversary. Two places near me are having events.
My friend and I went to idlewyld inn at Christmas. Many people have lived here all their life and never been. A friend of Moms has never been to Eldon House. I remember going on a double decker tour in the summer when we were young. It was a great way to learn about local history.
Maybe we should try to see our city from a tourists eyes.


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