On the fridge

When I think of magnets that is the first thing that comes to mind. Our fridge growing up had magnets from businesses. Pizza Hut, a maintenance person. My Mom had a calendar on the wall in the kitchen but this was were she put reminders.
At one time I had kid art. A drawing sent to me from the child of a twin friend.
On my fridge right now is a magnet that a friend gave me that has an inspirational quote/saying. There is a poem as a Memorial tribute to my Mom. It’s held on by a magnet that looks like a stone given to me by another friend. The word on it says LOVE. I bought a grocery list sheet that has magnets on the back. It has boxes next to items and it has it separated into groups…vegetables, meat etc.
Because everything is digital now there isn’t the need for stuff on the refrigerator as much. If I go out for coffee with a friend I will put it in my calendar in my iPad. I will put in Dr appointments in there too.
There is a drawback to being digital as I tell myself that I should print some pictures off from computer but I haven’t done it yet. Nowadays friends take photos with their camera and then I save it to my computer. Which means transferring them to a site to print.
When my Dad was in the hospital I printed off our family photo to put on his bulletin board. Technically because it was a professional portrait it’s not supposed to be reproduced but I thought this was ok. He was so pleased. I did the same thing with Mom only I printed off one of her granddaughter. A good pouty one. One of the nurses said that girl has attitude. It was a way of making a place feel a little more personal. It was also a good conversation starter for Drs.
Most home shows have stainless steel appliances. They have eat in kitchens and most have bar stools. But I can’t imagine the front of the fridge filled with kid art. But it’s like photos on the wall it’s what gives a home a personality.


2 thoughts on “On the fridge

  1. Refrigerator magnets were the first items I thought of for this prompt, too. I have dozens on my ‘fridge.

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