The first thing that came to mind for this prompt was my Mom taking snack for her seniors group at church. Except she wouldn’t call it snack she called it “lunch”. No lunch is a meal snack is what you have with tea. I think she thought lunch sounded a little fancier. If it was someone’s birthday she would bring cupcakes. For Halloween she made cupcakes with white icing (ok, out of a can) and she bought these orange candies to put on top..kind of like jube jubes. I even took a picture of her pointing at her work. One woman’s specialty was date squares and Mom made sure she brought me home one.
When we went to bible study we brought chocolate chip cookies. We all would take turns bringing snack. When I went to another church the first time I went to a book study in someone’s home I thought “where’s the snack”? Because for me that was part of the evening.
Of course snacking also brings to mind all the different nutrition advice. Eat 5 times a day and someone else tells you no snacking is bad. I meet with a dietician every 6 months or so and have to fill out a food journal. When I first started going she noticed I’m not a snacker. I always have something mid afternoon but I’m not a morning snacker. Sometimes I’ll have an evening snack but it depends on what I have for dinner. I try to have lots of fruit on hand but realized I forgot this week. I do keep some in the freezer and I’ll throw a handful on some yogurt. For me it has to be quick. Cherry tomatoes and dip, baby carrots, half an apple.
In our family we all loved sour cream and onion chips and they had to be the ridged it was all about the texture. If we got chips for Halloween Mom would use them to put on top of a casserole. I was never one of those people who could sit with a bag of chips and mindlessly eat. I could with popcorn. It’s actually a healthy treat as long as it’s not swimming in butter. My Dad and I both liked caramel corn.
In the summer months I used to get an iced cap at Tim Hortons but then I switched to iced coffee…less calories. Some are almost a meal in themselves.
Summer is a great time for snacks. Watermelon, strawberries. I almost bought some cherries today. It’s such a short season.
Happy snacking


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