Driving with my Mom occasionally I would point out something interesting as we passed. “Mom, did you see that?” “No dear, I’m driving”. Sometimes if there wasn’t anyone behind us we would slow down to look at something. Our last car that we had had seat warmers. My friend teased me about that but they are so great. One car had cup holders in the back although I never understood that. Yes for a van but not for a little car. My Dad wouldn’t let us have drinks in the car because he was afraid it would spill but Mom and I often went through the drive through when it became her car.
When my friend took me to see this apartment I didn’t know how to get to the street from my house so we went a little further than we needed to. She did tell me one time that I can give directions well which is something I learned from Mom. She was a really good navigator.
One of my memories of Facebook today was of a photo my Mom took of me standing in front of a big bear in the Calgary airport. I have a picture of Mom waiting in our airport. I remember how excited I was. I kept repeating “we’re really going”. It will be 10 years this year since I went to Vancouver. My friend and I walked a lot but we also took public transportation. One of the great things about living in a city is you can.
I love taking the train. When I went to conference in 2010 I took greyhound. It was easy enough but this time I decided to take the train for comfort. I love taking the train. Janet always sat beside me. I would take the window and she would sit on the aisle. It’s a lot easier eating lunch on a tray that on a bus.
Today is Canada Day. I am thankful that a train has taken me to Quebec and Ottawa. I have flown to Vancouver. It makes me realize I would like to see more of our beautiful country.


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