Canada Day

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening with my family. My friend emailed me the middle of the week asking if I wanted to come out to her husband’s parents place. When they came to pick me up there were planes flying overhead. Lots of activities downtown yesterday. I was in the heart of it which also meant traffic was slow going!
There was a time after my Mom died that it hurt to be surrounded by families because it was a reminder of what I had lost. Now it has become more natural and it’s easy with people that I have known a long time. I was helping my friends Mom put food on the table. In the course of conversation we get talking about Janet. She said I don’t want to make you sad but how can we not talk about her you look exactly like her. His Dad is a twin so he and I got talking about having our own language when we were little. It’s comforting because she would have been there with us and this way she is. She is remembered. At the same time I sat there wishing my own family could do that. I am thankful that the elders have passed that down to their son.
We played games. I watched the kids “scamper” after the dog. She’s so affectionate. I even brought some of her hair home with me.
I was admiring her garden. I do miss that living in an apartment although I don’t miss the work involved. When it was dark we could see fireflies. Because our house backed on to the river we could see fireflies if we sat on the deck or even from the living room. Reminders.
At about 10pm they set off fireworks. I have never seen them that close before. I took lots of pictures of my friends. I am old school and used my digital camera.
An enjoyable evening spent with some awesome people.


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