Mom and I went on a cruise over Christmas the year my Dad died. We didn’t want to be at home surrounded by all the memories and we both needed a vacation, a chance to relax. I don’t remember how we chose it. I think there was an ad in the paper.

It took me a couple of days to orient myself. The food was great but after a while it was too much. It’s a great way to see lots of places. We were going to go on a glass bottom boat tour but it was sold out. There were lots of activities on Christmas Day too so it was ok. We went to a service but it was the shortest service we had ever been to. We rode up in the elevator with a couple and their daughter and we all laughed about it. The man who did it was well older than dirt.

We also had high tea in the afternoon. It’s a nice way to get to know other people too. Mom was so happy that they had a traditional Christmas dinner although she did miss the pie. Turkey, yams, green beans, stuffing (I think with chestnuts). Our last day was the 26th and they had macaroni and short ribs. Comfort food from home. There were people that were staying on for another week and I said no I look forward to going home and cooking my own food. Mom and I aren’t used to having people wait on us.

Our last day Mom and I played scrabble in our room. Mom made the word water and I made the word port off of it. I took a picture because obviously by our words we had enough water and wanted to go home. We both agreed it was a wonderful vacation. I look at the pictures and smile. But we both knew we were trying to run away. It was always there though.

The fun thing about going on trips is being able to share the adventures when you get home. Now Facebook will be the place to do it.


2 thoughts on “Cruise

  1. I know the feeling. A few months after my dad died we (mum, my three sisters and their partner and a few of the kids) went to Florida as we had booked the holiday some while ago. We were having a great time, and then one evening while sitting on a bench at Universal Studio, we all started to cry over dad (can’t remember how that started). Think we all felt much better afterwards.

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