My Saturday morning routine is going to the Farmers market. Yesterday’s word was jangle and the only thing I could think of was coins. It is the only place where I shop that I need cash. Most things are 2.50 or 2.75. Of course because I usually get money out of the bank machine I have to break a $20. I was telling the vendor that I only had frozen vegetables left. I bought a small bag of spinach, zucchini and a pint of green beans. I don’t buy green beans at the grocery store because I tend to buy too many. It’s the perfect size for one. There is something about fresh produce in the summer, everything just tastes better. This weekend is perfect temperature wise where it’s comfortable without a coat but not steaming hot. Although it will come.

Today I walked to Victoria Park to check out Sunfest. I wandered around to look at the tents. Most was kitschy stuff, lots of clothes. I do enjoy all the smells when I walk around the park. I bought a gyro and a mixed berry frozen yogurt for lunch. The great thing about being within a short walking distance is I could eat my lunch on the balcony (although my yogurt was melting). And no dishes to wash!

This week is Rock the Park which is directly across from me. Last year I was lucky enough to be away because as the name suggests it is loud. Oh well it’s only once a year.

Sun, food and festivals a perfect weekend


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