I was going to tile this post the gift of friendship. I met a friend for lunch today. We went to public school together. We reconnected when Janet died because she wrote a condolence on the website. We emailed back and forth a lot. Janet and I had always wanted to go to Vancouver and she was my tour guide while I was there. I can’t believe it’s almost ten years ago. We both cried when I left to go home. She is someone that has supported me in the ways that I honour Janet. It’s comfortable, even though we may not see each other often we just start up where we left off.

The gift is that I got to see her at Christmas and again for a belated birthday lunch. And I got a birthday card. She draws a picture in it and words cannot express how special it is. I know that Janet is always with me but I think sometimes I need that reminder. The first one she drew I showed my Dad and he couldn’t believe how intricate the detail was. I couldn’t decide what shirt to put on this morning and she drew me with a striped shirt…what I almost put on.

I could wish for more time but that’s what makes any occasion with a friend special. Hugs don’t hurt either.

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