The first thing that came to mind for this prompt was wandering through the mall and the scent of popcorn. It also didn’t help that it was right beside the bathroom so I had to walk past it. I LOVE popcorn. When I went to a movie I always had to get popcorn. Janet and I shared a small one and even then we would have some left at the end of the movie.
When my brother picked me up to go to the lawyers office he said it smells good here. I’m surrounded by restaurants so there is always something cooking. I like the smell of roasted Garlic but garlic doesn’t agree with me. When we went grocery shopping I could smell hash browns because it was beside McDonald’s. We would sometimes go to Burger King for breakfast but Janet liked the hash browns from McDonald’s better.
This summer it’s been cool enough that I have had the patio doors open sometimes. It’s nice to be able to smell the outdoors. I don’t miss cutting the grass or yardwork but I miss the smells.
I love the smell of coffee in the morning but walking down that aisle in the grocery store the scent is overpowering. When I buy cleaning supplies I learned not to buy the ones with bleach. And why are there so many different kinds of dish soap?
Next weekend is rib fest. Make sure you don’t stand in line downwind!


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