My Mom used to use the phrase “the pause that refreshes”. It was from a Salada tea commercial. When I think of tea or coffee that is what I think of.
I just finished my morning coffee after going to the mall to search for a birthday card for a friend’s birthday next week. There is something about the anticipation of coming home to a coffee. In the middle of the mall there is a food court with seniors sitting enjoying a coffee together.
I titled this post pause because we would go for coffee after getting groceries and this was our “pause” before going home and unloading. I go for a coffee with my friend and we sit and chat. At my house I never had a morning coffee on the deck but now I can have one on my balcony. I think summer is that time when we allow ourselves the time to slow down. Maybe it isn’t a coffee, maybe it’s a glass of wine or a beer.
I know people that don’t know how to pause they always seem to be on the go. Even when I was looking after my Mom I would take time out of the day to sit and write a blog post. Going full tilt 24/7 is exhausting and it makes me tired just reading about my friend doing it. We have spa days but I don’t think it has to be that grand. So many design shows have rooms for women to have a sanctuary. We all need to carve a little bit of time in the day for ourselves.


2 thoughts on “PAUSE

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  2. In addition to recovering from shoulder replacement surgery, I’m also (very slowly and I’m afraid not very successfully) been trying to adjust to retirement. Tea helps (I mostly drink Lapsang Souchong). I’ve also been slowly moving myself away from my home-office desk & out onto the front porch (mornings) and the (afternoon) deck. My Beloved Sandra appreciates that the sandalwood incense that always helps me write is at least somewhat less intense inside now. Long road ahead, though…

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