Talking about the weather

This post could go with the word for yesterday which was hidden. Have you ever been sitting right beside someone but you know they aren’t even paying attention to what you are saying? We are now a society that always has to have our devices handy. It’s why it’s special when I go out with my coffee buddy or my friend from public school because we just sit and chat. My friend DJ talks about issues at school, her Moms health. Her husband gave me advice when I was looking after the estate. When Janet died my friend TAR and I talked about a lot of things that I didn’t share with anyone else. For me there has to be a lot of trust to be able to talk in depth.
I have a friend who is currently burning the candle at both ends. I was burnout looking after my Mom but I know if I gave her advice she wouldn’t hear it. So many days we talk about the weather.
There have also been times when a friend will ask if something is wrong and I will say “I’m fine” when I’m not. Because I can’t find the words to express it. As much has my friends try to understand they haven’t experienced what I have.
For a one time I didn’t share this blog with friends because it’s personal. But the friends that read it have seen at my most vulnerable. I have shared in their joys. That’s life.


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