A name brand girl

Last week when I was making out my grocery list I realized that a lot of the products are name brand specifically proctor and gamble. Pantene shampoo, Colgate, Tide. My Mom always bought Royale bathroom tissue. Glad garbage bags. One time I bought the store brand and let’s just say they were “substandard”. You don’t save any money if you have to use two and the handles broke.
Growing up my Mom told me “you get what you pay for”. That it’s worth it to spend a little more on a better quality product. But at the same time she would buy a utility turkey because if you carve it in the kitchen nobody is going to know that it’s missing a wing or some skin. The taste is the same.
A few years ago some stores started charging 5 cents for a plastic bag. I didn’t mind paying for a bag because I used it for garbage. Living in an apartment the kitchen bags are too big to fit down the garbage shoot so I have to help it along.
Yesterday I ordered a couple of pairs of pants online. I generally use the same store because I’m pretty sure on fit. When I was checking out what is available the trend right now is ripped, patched and distressed jeans. No thank you. Shopping is more fun going with a friend.
I enjoyed shopping for furniture with my neighbour and friend. Although going in with a plan helps.
Well I’d better get the Lysol out time to do some cleaning.


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