Blogging class

This morning I attended a class on blogging at one of the libraries in my city. It is being lead by one of the librarians. When I came in she asked if I had a laptop and I said I have an iPad. Apparently it’s a little harder to set up on iPad so I said I have a blog I’m attending to learn a little more. The first week was basic she was showing themes, tags, etc. She went around the room and asked people the reason why they were setting up a blog. One was to connect with family, one wants to write a novel. I sat beside someone who is a life coach. She leaned over when we were working on our own and asked if she could see it. When I was looking at the teachers I realized that maybe I should have it separated into daily prompts and family posts.
We have 10 people in the class which is usually the max for writing classes. Because we are sitting at tables we are limited in class size too. The librarian wanted to set up a new program. She is offering it again in November. It’s nice to have a teacher that is enthusiastic about blogging.
I can’t believe that summer is half over. While fall doesn’t official start until September 21 back to school is the unofficial end. I ran into a woman from writing class and she asked if I was having a good summer so far. It hasn’t exactly turned out as planned but it has been. My friend and I were going to have a spa day but it didn’t work out. I have made it to the festivals and it’s going to be cooler for Ribfest this weekend.
The best part is spending time with friends…which I’m doing tonight.


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