A few years ago I separated my clothes by season. Spring/summer was on the left and fall/winter on the right. And dresser clothes were kind of in the middle. Now I have all my skirts and dresses to the right in my closet because I rarely wear them. My everyday wardrobe consists of jeans and tshirts.
I had to go to shoppers Drug Mart this morning so I stopped for a coffee in the market. I love people watching although not as much as my grandma and Mom! I sat beside a group of couples and they were dressed nicely. There is a difference with age as the younger people were dressed in hoodies and shorts.
I get emails from clothing stores that I have purchased from online. They have really nice dresses. Alright if you have a wedding to attend but when you reach a certain age you don’t have any friends getting married.
Going out to dinner sometimes is a challenge figuring out what to wear unless I have been to the restaurant before. Swiss Chalet is somewhere you can go in jeans but also in your Sunday best.
Janet, a friend and I used to attend a woman’s show downtown in march. One year my friend and I went to a talk on what shape you are. We are both rectangles. My Mom and grandma were both hourglass.
Speaking of clothes I have to do some laundry.

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