At around 4pm I Ambled over to Ribfest to pick up some ribs for dinner. It was calling for rain all weekend but it held off today and I even got to enjoy them sitting on the balcony. Last year when I walked home I looked up to the sky and talked to my Dad because every year he would ask if we were going to Ribfest. We rarely went when we were at home. We didn’t eat out as often and I guess we thought it was expensive.
Janet and I went to Ribfest the year that she died. Back then they still had a balloon festival at the park that I currently live across from. We didn’t go down all the way but watched them being inflated from the street. Since we lived close to downtown we could often see them from our deck. Tony the Tiger, Remax, a Canada flag. 11 yrs ago I still had a camera with film and ended up taking it in after she died. It was so strange seeing her face eating the ribs.
My friend that draws a picture in my Christmas card and sometimes in my birthday card drew a special picture for my 40th birthday. Janet and I were in a balloon and we were talking. She doesn’t draw us talking. I don’t think I ever told her that this is the last event we went to together. It’s the only one she has ever done in colour.
I often think how my family guided me to where I live now. Despite the fact that I lived in the same neighbourhood for 40 yrs there are memories associated here too. We went to Harris Park for a picnic with Mom. We did the double decker tour. We saw fireworks at Canada Day with my Uncle.
It’s like strolling down memory lane.


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