The last time my friend and I went for coffee we had a really good talk about the social aspect of food. She teaches phys ed so she is conscious of the calories in food. Should I eat that? I remember when I first had to cut out all the foods that I liked it felt extreme. Being diabetic means I have to count carbs and read labels. It was nice to be able to talk openly to someone who truly gets it. She talked about how sometimes it’s hard to find the balance.
A friend of mine recently posted a very honest status on fb about what it’s like having dietary restrictions. For her it’s dairy, gluten and corn. She wrote if you can go out to eat and eat anything on the menu be thankful. My writing class went to a Thai restaurant and I had to decline. It’s not fun feeling like we are different but we have to do what is best for ourselves. because of the salt content I steer clear of Asian cuisine. I do occasionally have Chinese but I order take out and get steamed vegetables, rice etc. Did you know a regular hamburger from Harvey’s has 1000mg of sodium? That’s my allotment for the day.
People wonder why I end up at the same restaurant most of the time. For someone who has to watch their sodium content meat potatoes and vegetables is what I would have at home. This restaurant also allows you to make substitutions. And I don’t have to hunt someone down to refill my glass with water.
I try to eat whole foods as much as possible. I’m not perfect I don’t eat properly all the time. Life happens.


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