Think about all the ways in which our lives are organized. Yesterday I got a phone call about a booking I filled out online to go to Eldon House for tea with a friend so I put that on my calendar (on my Ipad). Then when I was scrolling down I saw a diabetes appointment on September 11 which means I should probably have my 3 month bloodwork prior and go to GP. My requisitions are all together on a shelf. I do online banking and my expenses are automatically withdrawn from account. My paperwork isn’t that organized…something that wasn’t passed down from my parents!
I don’t know whether technology makes it easier to plan things or not. Because we have more technology we almost have to double check which form we used to contact someone. I know my friends home phone number off by heart but not his cell. I’m terrible about remembering to charge my phone but at least I remember to carry it now!
This morning I went to the grocery store because I am running low on sweetener for my coffee and coffee in the morning is a must! I organize my list according to aisles and then try to organize the bag according to what has to go in freezer or fridge. I keep a basic list on my Ipad and then just add to it when I run out of things. It makes it easier to email my list to my grocery person. My friend teased me that Saturday is market day. Thursday was grocery shopping day for Mom. Monday seems to be laundry day for most people. Monday is cleaning day because Tuesday is grocery day so I make sure kitchen is clean. It’s the day I take out recycling because it’s picked up on Tuesday. In a house we had an 8 day garbage collection and how glad I am that I no longer have to worry about what day it is! Or have to clean out the stinky pail or worry about yard collection. On Wednesday I sat outside and read a book. Many of my friends have posted photos of them doing the same thing.
For me moving into an apartment meant a clean slate. It could be organized the way I wanted. Our house was organized to an extent but I only had my room to put my own stuff. I have a coffee cupboard. Carafe on bottom shelf with sweetener, cups and travel mug on middle shelf and coffee pods on top shelf. I knew when I did the tour of apartment that is where my coffee maker would go.
I have 2 bathrooms so some stuff is in one bathroom and some in another. We didn’t have vanities with drawers so this makes it much more organized. I know where everything is! Cleaning products are in the guest bathroom and I have 2 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner because Mom did that so she would always have one in each bathroom.
This post could also go with yesterdays word which was delivery. It seemed like all I did was wait for furniture to arrive. As I went along I realized oh I need this or I can wait on getting that. Having lived in a house all my life I only purchased one piece of art for my room when I redid it. A lot of Mom and Dad’s art was given to them. The mirror over the mantle was actually a painting which had a really cool frame so grandma took out the picture and had glass put in it. The one over the couch was a wedding gift. I am sorely lacking in art but it’s like everything else in my place I want something that I love.
Last year I organized a get together for friends in September to honour my twin. It helped to have something to look forward to. A calendar is a way to be organized but it’s also a reminder. A twin friend once told me it’s easier to have a plan.

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