How soon is a jiffy?

Growing up in a family of 5 getting ready to go somewhere was scheduled if we all had to have a shower. Quite often Mom would have one the night before, Janet and I were morning off and the men were afternoon depending on if it was dinner or wedding. Makeup was applied in the bathroom on the main level or what Mom referred to as the powder room. My grandparents had a full length mirror on one of their doors so my Dad attached it to the hall closet door. It was good for final touch ups to make sure everything was in place. My Mom could still tell you the story of when my cousin got married in 1995. My brother had hit a growth spurt so he had to buy some new pants. They were too long so he had them hemmed the day of. As we are getting into the car Mom says “thank goodness we live 5 mins from the church”.
Because my twin and I both had short hair it was what Mom called wash and wear. For many years Mom had a perm but after her transplant the medication made her hair very course so she didn’t do it anymore. She didn’t dry her hair. I remember going to church and the times when we were rushed was usually when my pantyhose would rip. I would have to hunt in my drawer and sometimes ask Mom for another pair. All the while grumbling “this is why I don’t wear nylons!”
My parents were the types that always arrived early to something. My Aunt was the same. His youngest sister was “fashionably late” always half an hour.
At my house if I was being picked up by someone I would sit on the stool in the kitchen because I could see out the window tonthe driveway. Now I have to arrange a time so I can be down in the lobby. If the person is early they buzz up to let me know.
When my Mom and I went grocery shopping we would split the list and I would do one side and she would do the other. I would come back and she would say “what’d you do run around the store?” Because I knew where everything was I could do it very quickly and if you were in my way look out!
With technology we can get instant replies. We can get next day delivery of packages we order from Amazon. But at the same time I have friends that are camping or just sitting out on the patio. Time to read a book. Time to spend with friends and family. That can’t be hurried.

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