Things I like (but not enamoured)

1. My coffee maker especially first thing in the morning. Nothing beats a strong cup of coffee to wake me up. And an afternoon cup is nice too.

2. The convenience of online banking. I can remember my Mom transferring funds to her brother and my brother and at the time you had to go into the bank with the account number and the person had to have an account with that bank too.

3. Online shopping. I can also email my grocery list and have it delivered to my door as well.

4. I hate having bloodwork done because I have deep veins but I love the convenience of being able to keep track of my results online. I can look back at previous ones and see an improvement. My A1C is down .7% in 2 months which I’m really happy with. I’m at 8 and normal is 7.
It’s a huge change in a year…even in 6 months.

5. Perfect summer days. A good book and farmers markets.

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