I’m priceless


The word for today made me smile because it was like Mom talking to me. It’s 2 yrs today since she passed and this is an expression that she used a lot. We would be laughing about some silly thing or I would make a comment about something that I found amusing and she would say “oh Jennifer, you’re priceless”.

It’s the thing I miss the most is sharing stories. When I went out with my cousin and my Uncle we now have a funny story to tell and it’s certainly one that Mom would have laughed over too. Obviously my Mom and I didn’t always laugh at the same thing but there were a lot of things that we did. I have told the story about going to the hardware store and they had fertilizer in front of the garden centre. Janet and I were howling because they called it “moo poo”. My Mom just thought we were childish. And we would admit that we were.

On Thursday I went to the Farmers Market and there is a booth that has ready made meals (single serving). She had minestrone soup which is something my sister and Mom liked. I don’t. She also had risotto which my sister would have liked. I think she only had it once but she liked it. Isn’t it interesting how we associate food with each person. I can’t pass Oh Henry’s at Halloween without thinking of my Dad.

Yesterday’s word was continue and for me this blog is a way to “continue” to honour their memory. A friend commented that it doesn’t feel like 2 yrs. It made me think how time is so different. How some days it feels like years and sometimes it feels like yesterday.

Even though I’m sad because I miss my Mom I can smile at this little message that she sent me. That’s love (and that’s priceless too).

One thought on “I’m priceless

  1. Hi love……I can’t believe it’s been two years either…..you have done so well…I’m so proud of you and I know your mum would be too. Love you. Sue xxx

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