Bras, pjs and cleaning

The first two items have to do with stories that were on yahoo and then discussed on a morning talk show. Reading the comments they all had the same viewpoint as I did at a job you do what your boss tells you. The next one was wearing pjs to drop off your kid at school. This was a mixed bag because most of the comments online thought there wasn’t anything wrong with it. There was a comment that said you are setting an example for your child which is pretty well how I was raised. When there was a Tim Hortons at the end of our street there would be families that lived on the other side who would walk in Saturday morning in their pjs and I didn’t have a problem with that because it’s family time. The only day we were allowed to wear pjs was Sunday. I remember when I moved I couldn’t wait to have a pajama day. Because I was expected deliveries I had to be dressed. Would it have mattered not really but it would have mattered to me.
I have to clean my apartment today as I may be having company tomorrow. I don’t know whether we are coming back here to hang out or not so best to be prepared. I wish I could “overcome” the need to feel like my place has to be perfect. Every time this person comes she finds something I “should” have or thinks I should. Both of these items have to do with the subtle judgement that we feel from others be it from what we wear or what we own.
When I moved in the first thing I put up on the wall was my family portrait. It immediately felt like home. The second thing was my framed quilt. So far that is the only art in my apartment. To me it’s ok because both of these items make me happy. It’s about having a connection to something. Even buying the quilt I had to go against the voice in my head that told me not to, it was expensive. I listened to the louder voice that said you will regret it.
In life we all have to overcome the voices that surround us that tell us you shouldn’t do that or you can’t do that. I’m proud of what I have accomplished.

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