I feel your pain

This morning I had to go for diabetes appointment and decided to go to Cherryhill mall afterwards as I was out of milk and needed to return some library books. As my Mom would say I was making my errands worthwhile as I was doing a couple of things in the mall. After I dropped off my books (in the chute as libraries are closed on Mondays) I decided to wander into Northern Reflections which was beside. Since I have lost weight I only have a couple of pants that fit (elastic!) and jeans I have to wear a belt or else they would fall down. I was getting so frustrated because the pants that I have tried on were either too loose in the waist (the little gap in the back) or the legs were too tight. Right now skinny jeans and “jeggings” are in style. I am what would be described as a rectangle body shape so I need a straight jean. I posted this morning that I found a pair of jeans on a weight loss site on facebook and all ladies can “sympathize”. I think jeans are one of those items that women struggle with. And hopefully it makes the butt look good too! Honestly I have never had this much trouble finding jeans before. Reitmans was my go to place but their sizing has changed. Addition Elle is good but I hadn’t been in the store yet.
When I got home I had a little bit of a proud moment because these were not purchased at what is considered a “plus sized” store. I know that it’s just a number but it’s a sign that the hardwork of eating properly and exercising is paying off. I had to laugh at my super who was complaining about the food that he now has to eat. There is a question on the food journal I have to fill out and it says “have you followed a diet before” and I answered “I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle”. We commiserate over having bloodwork often and the things we can’t eat. My friend and I laugh about having to pee more often as you get older.
It’s nice to have people who get it.

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