Thank goodness for On Demand

Tomorrow all my favourite shows are returning. Reading over my recent posts one would think that I watch a lot of tv but when I was watching the start of the Emmys I wasn’t familiar with any of the shows. A couple of shows that I like are Canadian…Murdoch Mysteries and Private Eyes. Even though I grew up in the generation that watched 90210 we didn’t. We must have watched the occasional episode because I did know the characters. Every time I see “Shade” driving his sports car around Toronto I wonder how they managed that because Toronto traffic is busy all the time. I must have missed a couple of episodes of Murdoch because it ended with him on the run and I have no idea why. Apparently someone gets killed off in season premier too.
Monday night is also The Voice. It’s faster watching it later because there aren’t commercials. I have to avoid the instinct to check the facebook page to see who the talents are. Some seasons you can tell the first week who is going to go all the way (Jordan Smith!) and some seasons I just can’t get into it. A lot of people say that it’s not about the judges but it is. I like the banter back and forth. It’s friendly competition.
I really liked the show Pitch but it was not renewed and yet The Good Place was…figure that one out. And just when you start getting into a new show you have to wait “patiently” until they make new episodes.
My Mom really liked Hawaii 50 but I would only watch it if it had a good story. If it started out pretty gruesome chances are I would stop watching it.
What about you? Any shows that you can’t wait to watch again?

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