It’s called yard “work” for a reason

Every once in a while a memory comes up on Facebook usually referencing yard work. This is the time of year where we are getting the gardens ready for winter, cutting things back, raking leaves, picking up walnuts etc. When my Dad had cancer he wrote out a list because he couldn’t sit out in the sun and he didn’t have the strength to do it. I like raking leaves…and there is an emphasis on raking I can’t stand the sound of leaf blowers!! But raking and bagging them on my own was work especially dragging them from the back lawn to the front for pick up. My Mom would joke that I was gaining muscle and there was a little bit. I got an awesome “farmer tan”. Janet would sit beside me on the deck and lean over and say “yep, the neck is looking good!”
I am not athletic so carrying bags of dirt or manure was hard. After my Dad died I had to learn to pace myself because if I did too much my arms would be very sore.
Living in an apartment I don’t miss any of those chores! I can go for a walk and enjoy the fall colours without the work involved in raking.

Janet and I would go for walks in the neighbourhood. Mom used to call it our “daily constitutional”. Going for a walk we would notice things that you don’t if you are driving in the car. She would walk faster up the hill at the point where I was slowing down. She would tease me and ask “do you need a push?” I’ll sometimes go for a walk downtown on a holiday because the streets aren’t busy and I can look in the windows.

Janet and I would go with a friend to a Woman’s show in March. They would have all sorts of booths and there were a few from gyms. Of course we couldn’t tell them we’re really just here for the food samples. They all looked the same…blonde, spray tanned with really white teeth. I once stood in front of a gym owned by the son of a woman from the church I grew up in and as I was eating my almond bark I had to turn around because I felt guilty. His Mom laughed. My brother used to go to a gym downtown and my Dad couldn’t understand it because he grew up on a farm. You don’t pay money to “work out”. And he would not let him drive to go and work out. Don’t get me wrong there are great health benefits to working out I would just feel too self conscious doing it. It’s all working together…eating healthy (drinking lots of water!), exercising and maintaining stress. I’m trying.


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