Not interested

Right now politics is everywhere. My newsfeed is flooded with articles about “President” Trump. A couple of days ago I saw a commercial…or more appropriate attack ad…against our premier. Yesterday the news outlets were talking about the new leader of the Federal NDP party. My Dad was very interested in politics. One could almost call him a political junkie. But taking care of someone who has cancer means there isn’t time to watch a lot of t.v or read the paper. And it all seemed so frivolous.

I don’t care that our PM is pretty or how young all the leaders are because that has no bearing on their ability to lead. I don’t get a newspaper anymore so I don’t know what the party platforms are. Truthfully it’s getting harder to filter out the information from the media outlets. Next year is provincial and municipal election and the following year is federal.

I titled this not interested because I guess like a lot of people I’ve become cynical about the process. Since when did it become a popularity contest? Municipally we have a lot of issues on the table. I hope we have people that will step up the plate to be a leader. That’s what it means to be Mayor. Park your ego at the door and work as a team. When Janet and I helped with campaigns we were part of that. I hope someday we can have that again.


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