Deny daily prompt

Last night I was watching the news and I couldn’t deny there was a lot of bad stuff going on. I was shocked at the report on University students having a party where over 10,000 people were there. 40 people taken to hospital and they are still tallying the cost for the weekend for police, EMS and of course garbage crews. In March there was a small house party near me and that was tame compared to this (and there were people taken away by ambulance from that one as well).

A friend of mine who is a teacher said this is our future. She has told me stories that would make your toes curl (and those are high school students). I remember going to college and there were some students that didn’t really take it seriously because mommy and daddy were paying. Or maybe they did have a loan but didn’t understand the true value of money. My parents were social drinkers. After my Mom had a transplant she wasn’t allowed to drink. I didn’t go out clubbing and couldn’t see the appeal in getting so wasted that you didn’t remember what you did the night before. I realize that made me look like a “goody goody” and thankfully I was strong enough to know it didn’t matter.

We now live in a society where there isn’t deniability for your actions. There are camera phones. Social media. Actions have consequences. People say that it’s a generation of entitlement. Partly. But each one of those students have a family. I would like to think that as parents they would talk about drinking responsibly, being safe. Cleaning up after yourself. Taking pride in the city that you live in even if it’s temporary.

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