Being thankful

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. I have been invited to a friend’s house. This morning I found a video on Facebook of my September moments in pictures. September is a hard month for me but seeing it in pictures it took on a different perspective. It highlighted the little things. Going to the market and enjoying a cup of coffee and scone on my balcony. It’s still warm enough to do so without the heat and humidity of summer.

The changing colours in the fall and being thankful that I don’t have to rake them. The abundance of produce at the Farmers market. Being able to try new things…a tomato tart, spinach and orzo soup. Buying sunflowers for the table.

As I listen to the hum of the washing machine I’m thankful for things that make my life easier. A dishwasher, a washing machine on the same level and central air. It may seem “superficial” but I’m thankful for products that make cleaning easier…a swiffer.

I’m thankful for a closet full of clothes and pretty pjs. I’m lounging in a tshirt and pretty purple pyjama bottoms. They are so soft and the first time I put them on I thought of Mom because she loved pretty pjs. I’m thankful for little reminders.

Although I’m thankful for a plethora of shows to watch Monday night because of on demand I can space the programs out during the week! I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars but my Aunt does so I keep track a little online so I can discuss it with her. She and my Uncle were great dancers.

Of course this wouldn’t be complete without including my family in heaven, my cousins and friends who have become my family. They are my support system but they are also the people who make me laugh, who I go for coffee with and who I celebrate with. I “believe” I’m very blessed to have you in my life.

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