I had to look up the definition for the word today. “giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution”
I wrote recently that I am a name brand person. I could say that I am loyal to certain brands. Growing up my Mom always told me that you get what you pay for. I still buy Royale bathroom tissue and usually wait for it to go on sale. When I take a cab in the city I have one that I rely on even though there are at least 4 different ones. My Mom always went to the same grocery store and if I go on my own I go to the closest Metro to me.
Of course we all have loyalty cards in our wallets. Air Miles, Optimum card for Shoppers Drug Mart, Addition Elle, Chapters Indigo. I get rewards for my credit card. I also have a rewards card for the restaurant that I frequent. When I moved I had thought I would stay with my neighbourhood pharmacy but there was a lot of miscommunication. Customer service is a big thing and they should value that. I now have a regular Saturday morning routine of going to the Farmers Market. I quickly learned which ones are friendlier than others.
I have my services with Bell and Rogers. My parents always used them too. Of course this was long before there were options. My parents never had trouble with either company and they were quite helpful when I had to cancel the service for the house when I moved. Yes I wish it was cheaper but it’s factored into budget (and I’m enjoying my HGTV!!)
This morning I passed both my supers on the way back from taking out recycling. On Saturday I was shopping with a friend who carried in a new lamp for my office. She commented that it’s nice that I’m getting more settled. She said we like to retain the good tenants. That’s a form of loyalty too. My parents lived in their house for 40 yrs. I remember in home ec in high school we had to write down on a piece of paper all the places that we’ve lived and or houses. Janet and I the only ones that only had one place. We would tell people we love our neighbourhood why would we move?
I always considered myself a loyal friend but if I went by the definition would I be? It’s unrealistic to think that we could give “constant” support to someone. Our relationships change. A friend has a baby and their focus is on that. A friend moves away. For me looking after my parents meant that was 24/7. I have lost friends because we’ve grown apart. Something changes. I believe that we take away something from each relationship.
There are days when I miss the unconditional love from my twin. It’s irreplaceable.


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