Bold choices

I was thinking about this word today and I don’t think I’m a risk taker but I think it depends on the way I look at it.

The summer after my Dad I redid my room top to bottom…new carpet, paint and furniture. I took a risk with the colour and a friend called it “school bus yellow”. It’s actually called yellow raincoat. The painters kept asking me “are you sure?”. My Mom wasn’t sure until the furniture went in and then it grew on her. To me it reminds me of the colour of a sunrise. It was at a time when my world was very grey. Even on a cloudy day my room was sunny. My sister painted her room peach. My Dad wasn’t sure of that but she loved it.

For some people having a red couch might be considered a risky colour but I always knew it was what I wanted. Janet’s favourite colour is red and I can imagine her sitting beside me. It brightens up the builder’s beige.

Of course bidding on this quilt was scary. I had never bid on anything in my life in a live auction and all I could think was how much money it was going up to. The reward was worth the risk. Our favourite colours are in that quilt. A twin told me that she went out and bought something that she had been eyeing when she got home. When we lose people we love we realize life is short buy the things that make you happy.


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