It’s the little things

Yesterday morning I was coming back from taking a bag of garbage out to the bin. I noticed that there were furnace filters in the bin so when I heard my super calling my name I knew it must be that time again. It reminded me of my Dad warning us when he was going to change the storm windows.
After my Dad died changing the furnace filter was a job I didn’t like doing. It’s not difficult it’s just the task of going to Home Depot to buy one and having to write down the dimensions so I had the right one. My Dad would buy 2 so he had one ahead. I wasn’t sure how often you were supposed to change it so I did it in the spring and fall. You are supposed to check the smoke alarm batteries too but they only got changed when the battery beeped to tell you it was dying. And they never went out at the same time. Inevitably it would be a couple months later. Thankfully that is an item you can usually get at the grocery store.
This would be the time of year where I would have to winterize the lawn mower and put the cover on the A/C. There is a sense of accomplishment in crossing off the items of the list but it is nice not to have to do any of those things anymore. I will have to bring my patio cushions in pretty soon but I am happy that I got a lot of use out of them. It’s nice to be able to have the windows open in the fall.
Yesterday I happened upon a segment on one of the news channels about home ownership. They always talk about the financial aspect of it and how it’s an asset but they never talk about the cost of maintenance, snow shovelling and getting someone to check on the house when you are away. When Mom and I went on a cruise over Christmas it was the first time we had ever had to have someone check on the house. Mom phoned to cancel our newspaper and unfortunately it didn’t go through. Our neighbour brought it into the house. Having to set timers for the lights so it looks like someone is home.
After my Dad died there were a couple of major items that we had to replace…a washer and dryer and a laundry tub. We used companies that my Dad had used and thankfully the whole process went smoothly. But it was weird having the responsibility. I have had a couple minor things that needed fixing since I’ve been here…kitchen faucet and new flapper. One day my a/c wasn’t working and the guy came the same day. That would never happen in a house I would have had to wait until after the holiday.
Tomorrow is farmers market day and I may even get one more weekend of being able to sit outside. As the title says…it’s the little things.


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