The house we lived in did not have room for a table in the kitchen so we ate in the dining room. My Dad’s brothers both ate in the kitchen and only used the dining room for special occasions. It makes entertaining easier because you can set the table ahead of time and all the dirty dishes are in another room. The other night I was watching Home Town and kind of realized that the only parts of the house they actually work on are the living room, dining room and kitchen (with the kitchen having the majority of the budget). I love a breakfast nook. I guess it’s kind of like sitting on the balcony with my morning coffee. At the same time I think it’s such a waste to have a dining room that you only use for holidays. It’s interesting how an apartment is open concept because once I come in the front door I can see everything. The living room, dining room and kitchen. Our kitchen had light wood cabinets and now I have white cabinets. It’s not fancy by any means but it meets my needs. While I like watching home shows it’s very rare that I actually like the finished product. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine someone actually living there.

I’ve included a picture of my dining room. The walls have been bare until this time because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to put there. At first I thought I might choose a mirror to reflect more light. Anything I saw didn’t feel right. I considered a gallery of items and or art. When I found this piece I knew it was the one.

What does a kitchen and dining room have to do with egg? An egg is a starting point to making something else. Eggs go into a Sunday breakfast of pancakes. They go into a birthday cake. Of course they also go into pretty fabulous chocolate chip cookies. After my Mom died cooking for one well frankly sucked. It took time to get to the point where I could tell myself I’m worth the effort. It certainly helps to have 2 beautiful places to sit and eat.


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