Temporary photo challenge


This is a photo of the garden at Eldon House. It makes me think of all the great things about summer…iced tea, flowers, green grass and sitting in the sun. There are times when I will watch Guy Fieri cook in his backyard and think I wish I could go to a farmers market all year round.

But at the same time the changing seasons is why I love living where I do. Sure we complain about the snow but there is something magical about walking through Victoria Park when the trees are lit for Christmas and there is snow on the ground. Last year it was barely cold enough to keep the ice rink open.
Christmas commercials are in full swing and it seems like it lasts forever. Decorations are temporary although many people leave their lights up until after Valentines Day.

Spring means we shed all our heavy clothing. For me it means going for walks. Hoping those pounds I gained over Christmas are just “temporary”.

Today I walked to the farmers market to make sure my fridge is full in case we get the snow they are predicting. I couldn’t find my hat so I bought one at one of the booths. I keep having to tell myself that spring will come again. It’s all about enjoying what each season has to offer.


2 thoughts on “Temporary photo challenge

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