Walking to the mailbox

This morning I checked the mailbox for letters and grocery store flyers. Since I don’t get much mail I was surprised that I actually had a stack. Since we get some junk mail I have to sort through it over the recycling bin in the mailroom. I received an envelope for MS society with address labels. I remember the first time I got mail addressed to myself what a thrill that was even if it was just a bank statement. I know understand the excitement people have buying their first home…this is mine.

Unfortunately I know that the novelty will wear off as my Mom had more Christmas cards and labels than she would ever use in her lifetime. I did use the cards myself but quite often the wording is so generic I wouldn’t use them. Sometimes if I like the picture I will print off a poem to stick in the inside.

The irony is that I donated to 2 charities this year online…no envelope or stamp needed. I have a few friends I send cards to, some family and a few that I exchange in person. Christmas is the only time I even send anything in the mail.
I have fond memories of sitting at the table with Janet and Mom addressing our cards. Us at one end and Mom at the other.

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