Just before I woke up this morning I was having a very vivid dream about 2 friends. Not surprising because I have been praying for my friend and her family since we went for coffee. I have known her family for a long time since we both grew up in the same church (although she’s about 5 yrs older).
As to the other part…have you ever had a dream where something happens and you have that aha moment? That’s what this was for me. In my dream I had locked my bedroom door and this person pushed it open. I woke up realizing it represents boundaries.
For me I tend to dream more when something is going on in my life. January when I had a couple Dr appointments, June, September. I remember having a dream about 5 yrs after Janet died that we were lost in an airport and in my dream I didn’t care because the only thing that mattered was that we were together.
Of course not all dreams make sense. I’ve had some where I wake up and think what the heck was that? My Dad was a letter carrier and would often dream that he was still on a route after he retired.
Dreams…what we see when it’s “black” outside


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