Honk if you ❤️ shopping


I love online shopping. I can order practically anything I need from the comfort of my own home and it’s delivered to the door. Not right to the door because I go down to the lobby.
A few days ago I was searching for Christmas napkins and maybe a tablecloth. The one I liked was sold out. Probably because it was fairly neutral plaid and had a little bit of metallic. As I was searching I also looked through the ornaments for fun and found this. He’s bigger than I thought but will go nicely with the singing mouse I bought Janet..wow it’s likely 20 yrs ago. I bought her a hallmark sister to sister mouse ornament in 1995 and it became a tradition she expected one. They don’t even sell them anymore. When I went to Detroit for a regional meeting with a twin friend we stopped at a restaurant that had a little gift shop. I picked up this ty ornament that was a mouse with a scarf and told her this is what I would have bought for Janet. But I put it back. Then a voice in my head said you are here to honour your twin this is a way you can do that.
It’s usually by chance that I come across these items. One year my friend and I were walking through the market. Last year I had to go to the postal outlet to mail cards and walked across the street to this store that sells furniture and stuff for home. At the time I was looking for a mirror for dining room. The store wasn’t actually open for another 15 minutes but the owner caught me looking in the window. I wandered around and came across this tree with mice on it. I didn’t have my debit card on me but had enough cash to pay for it.
Last year a twin friend sent me a stained glass mouse in the mail. I need to find someone to send to her. I exchange with my coffee buddy and right now I have no ideas.
Janet and I used to be told that we were good at picking out shower and wedding gifts. We always put a little thought into it.
It’s like you see on the commercials it’s all about the reaction. Seeing their face light up. That’s special.

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