Sending love in the mail

This morning a memory came up on Facebook where a twin friend wrote on my wall thanking me for a gift that I gave her. At that time she was working at a farmers market about half an hour outside of the city. I remember that it wasn’t about the gift but the big hug I got. She wrote that it would have been something her twin would have bought her.
I decided to get a package ready for a friend that lives in
Australia. I hunted in the desk because I was pretty sure I had a card with her address on it. Although it’s early to send I wanted to avoid the rush of people at the postal outlets closer to Christmas. I always figure it’s better to allow lots of time too.
Sending cards is the way I get into the spirit of Christmas. I don’t have many that I send to anymore. I don’t think of the monetary cost because thinking of the person opening up a gift that I specifically picked out for them is priceless.
With email and Facebook I can keep in touch with people easier but it’s not the same as sitting down and writing a letter. My friend takes the time to draw a picture in my card. Somehow she always knows what I need. She and I both know that it’s Janet whispering in her ear.
Mom and Janet aren’t physically with me sitting at the table but I know they are glad I’m keeping the tradition alive.

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