The other day the word for the day was knit. My grandmother could crochet and tried to teach both of us how to do it. I didn’t catch on but Janet quickly learned how to make afghans. She made me a white clutch. It amazes me that a ball of yarn could be made into a beautiful sweater, throw. I used to bemoan the fact that I wasn’t talented like grandma and Janet so Janet told me you have other gifts. At the time I didn’t think scrapbooking or taking a picture was a gift but as time passes I realize that it is. I recently found a photo in an album that happened to be the only one taken at a wedding. When my cousin got married in 1995 she ended up putting my photos in her wedding album because she liked them so much (her brother’s mother-in-law thought they were professional). I made a Christmas card for a friend. It’s literally just plunking pictures into a template that they give you but for her it’s more than that. For both of us it captures a happy memory. It makes me so happy that I could brighten her day.
This is why I continue the tradition of sending cards for the smile it puts on someone’s face. Last year I received an unexpected package from a twin friend in the US. Sending a card is a way of saying I was thinking of you. When my Mom sent a letter it was her way of catching the family up on what we had done during the year.
Yesterday a fellow blogger wrote about Christmas music which reminded me of Mom telling me the story of this woman who she worked who every year brought out the Alvin and the Chipmunks song. Of course Janet and I would start singing it. Not the whole thing just the first line and she would run from the room. She used to wonder who thought up the song “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” she thought it was horrible. Mine would be Santa Baby. I don’t know why I just think it’s so hokey.
Christmas is full of these little “snippets” in time. Memories that bring a smile or a tear (sometimes both).

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