Not meager to me

Just back from going to the mailroom to check for mail. To my surprise I got 3 cards today!! One was fairly thick so I wondered what was in it. When I got up to my apartment I found a crocheted red and green ornament inside from my cousin. I didn’t put up a tree this year but it will go on next! It reminds me of my grandma even though she didn’t teach my cousin to crochet. I know my Uncle feels the same way. Her mother was a knitter so I think my grandma just assumed she would pick up that.
I sent a little something to a twin friend of mine in the US. She called it a “mouse of friendship”. I didn’t know what to get her but when I found it online I thought she would like it.
Sending cards in the mail is expensive nowadays and sending a package even more so. But I only do it once a year. To me it’s such a little thing to make someone’s day a little brighter.

A friend posted a photo of an ornament that was passed down in her family. Designers have colour coordinated trees but for me it’s all about the stories attached to the ornament. My Mom still put on the snowflake that my brother made when he was little. In later years he was embarrassed but she liked it. We had clothespin reindeers. When I think of our best traditions they don’t involve money…it’s sitting listening to Christmas music while Mom writes a card, looking at the lights on the tree, going for a walk.
Spending time with the people I love.

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