Ahh what an appropriate word for today as this is the season when I think “oh I should phone…” I’ve always wondered why it’s just at Christmas? Shouldn’t we think of these people all year round? I know for some people there was almost a sense of duty to it. My parents always said the phone works both ways…that one person shouldn’t be doing the phoning all the time.
With my friends we tend to email more often than phone. 3 years ago I went out for lunch with my coffee buddy and last year I went out for dinner with my friend and her partner. Both special days as we did gift exchange and took pictures. I have known my coffee buddy for years and this was the first time we had a picture together.
Somehow time gets away from all of us. Phoning a friend just to chat doesn’t happen as often as maybe we would like. Thankfully true friends don’t keep track and we can just pick up where we left off.

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