I confess…I listened to my parents

I know it’s probably not PC to say it out loud but I’m glad Christmas is over. Every year it seems the season gets longer. The sappy Christmas movies, the struggle of what to buy for gift exchange and reminders all around of the people that are missing. For a lot of people Christmas is a lonely time. For our family we now have another reminder that Christmas Eve is the day we lost 2 special people.
This morning I went out for coffee with a friend that I get together with once a month. I phoned her yesterday to chat. She is probably the person that I am most real with. I was telling her how growing up I thought the values that my parents instilled were so old fashioned and yet they seem to be falling by the wayside. My Aunt phoned yesterday so that she could get the names of my Dad’s eldest sister’s grandchildren. My Mom had an address book in which she put the dates of marriages, births and deaths. She was the go-to person for info. Nowadays people move so often that I don’t even have many addresses.
I was talking to a relative on Mom’s side Monday night and she said she doesn’t send out Christmas cards anymore so I said it was something that was important to Mom so I like to keep the tradition alive. When I went to open my gift from my friend she said there isn’t a card. That’s the way I was raised you read the card first. Since we were out my friend asked if I needed to go anywhere else so I went into Shoppers Drug Mart to buy a couple sympathy cards because for my Mom the proper thing to do would be to send one to each child. I do have to confess that growing up we were taught to “do the right thing” but in later years that changed to doing what was best for ourselves. I should go to the funeral out of respect for my Aunt but I also know it would stir up a lot of stuff for me. It’s too soon after my Mom died.
My Dad didn’t get the concept of email and the fact that we didn’t have internet access until after he died is probably why I prefer face to face contact or a phone call. While my friend could listen on the phone yesterday there is nothing better than a hug. My parents were the people that taught me that if someone goes out of their way for you a Tim’s card or a box of chocolates would be a nice gesture.
Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching me that values are never old fashioned.


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