Let’s be extravagant with love

Yesterday I was reading the condolences on the funeral home’s website for my Aunt. Both talked about the time that they spent with her…going to the cottage or hanging out at the house. Those are my most vivid memories were going out to eat for birthday, pizza at her house. It was the act of spending time together.
My Mom was the one in the family who kept track of all the births, marriages and deaths. She would take the time to send a card for a couples wedding anniversary. She would phone up a friend from church on the anniversary of her husband’s death. When Mom died it was those people who reciprocated. When someone we love dies it isn’t the presents or things that we remember but the time spent with them. I have friends on facebook that didn’t know Mom but they knew of the type of person she must of been because of the person I am.
The sad thing is that I know of many people who will never get this concept. We somehow think there will always be time and then one day we wake up and it’s gone.
At the same time I think we have to be extravagant in the love that we give ourselves. This is the week where many people are running to and fro to dinners and parties. I hope we take the time to sit with a cup of cocoa in our pjs with a good book. Go for a manicure, maybe a bubble bath. Sit and watch the lights twinkle on the tree.
Time doesn’t cost anything but it’s value is priceless.

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